Don’t take our word for it …

“We’ve been with Uptown since it started, so we have a long friendship… They’ve done many [fast turnaround jobs], especially for Home Team Grill. The most recent I think was that we needed a podium sign for a press conference we were hosting for the Flying Squirrels, and Uptown Color put one together for me in one hour.”

– Bob Weirup, Taylor Weirup/Home Team Grill

“I depend on Uptown Color for fast, efficient service. I feel confident that with whatever job I need to have done, they will get it right the first time, it will look professional, and it will be on time. The staff is wonderful to work with and their customer service approach is second to none.”

– Diane Simon, Department of Education, Virginia Commonwealth University

“I call the folks at Uptown Color ‘miracle workers’ because numerous times over many years they have saved my butt. Some of my superiors have no concept of how long some tasks take, e.g., the day before a big meeting they decide around mid-day that they want 50 copies of a report, and they want it Velo bound, and ready to hand out at the 8:00 a.m. meeting. In cases like this, Uptown Color has come through for me every time. I’m not sure how they pull it off, but I’m grateful they do. ”

– Gwen Hipp, Virginia Commonwealth University

“Honestly, the quality of the printing and customer service cannot be compared with other printing companies that claim to have fast service. Usually, if you have a company thats fast, the quality suffers. But I can truly say that Uptown delivers both. We appreciate having people who care about the work we do, and make sure its printed well. ”

– Valerie Callahan, YMCA of Greater Richmond

“I love the fact that Uptown Color has pick up and drop off services and turnaround time is usually never more than a few days…”

– Jason Baranowski, Jostens

“St. Catherine’s Admissions Office has been using Uptown Color to print their departmental calendars, schedules, invitations, and forms for at least 5 years. In that time, Cindy, Jason and Brian have become a part of our extended office. We call Cindy on her cell she responds within 15 minutes on just about every call. The turn around time, depending on our needs, is ALWAYS fantastic. Brian, in the graphics department, has always been willing to share his software knowledge when we are trying to package a job for printing. Jason is the face we see the most often and he is always smiling. Jason knows where to park, when there is no parking, to get the job delivered on time. Uptown Color has the right price, great turn around times and pleasant staff.”

– Pat Jeffress, St. Catherine’s School, Admissions

“Some printers wont take a job because it’s “too small” or “too big” or they “don’t do that kind of printing” Uptown does it all or gets it done. My best experience with Uptown is their delivery, we are located 40 miles North of Uptown and if my job has 50 pieces or 50,000 pieces they deliver to me, that’s service.”

– Alecia Kuhfahl, Union First Market Bank

“Cindy makes my design life easier every time I call or email her. First of all, she always gets right back to me with quotes or answers. She catches things in my designs and lets me know if I can make changes to reduce cost or enhance production. She always has the best price, hands down. Unfortunately for her, I have taken advantage of her willingness to turn things around FAST, but she has never missed a delivery deadline. She hand-delivers proofs to my house, and someone delivers every one of my jobs to my door, whether it’s a $50 job or much more. I love that I can email or upload all of my files, and the next time I see them, they are sitting on my doorstep, printed beautifully and perfectly!”

– Cathryn Wooten, Christian Youth Theatre

“I appreciate the honesty and availability of Uptown Color. Cindy is always helpful and I can count on hearing from her before the end of the day. She offers suggestions when she sees that a job can be done a more effective way. When she can help us, she let’s us know and her quotes are always competitive. However, if she finds she cannot be competitive she let’s us know and will even help with some suggestions. In today’s economy, it’s good to know that Uptown Color is honest and has the client’s best interest at heart even if it means they don’t get the job. We certainly consider Uptown Color a part of our team.”

– Marty Garber, Religious Herald

“There have been so many [difficult/fast turnaround jobs], but one day I needed a poster created for an afternoon meeting. It was done, turned around and in the meeting room hours before I needed it… They can read my mind. Printing is often done at the last minute and what I provide is often not done… Uptown just fixes it and gets it on time, every time without restrictions and with excellent quality.”

– Kim Bedwell, Owens and Minor.

“One [job] that first comes to mind would be our auction booklet two years ago, I came to the office with a publisher file, Brian had to convert the file, then reformat and of course we made changes along the way, including the night before the event. It was down to the day of the event; the job was completed and delivered it to me the morning of the event, which was on a Saturday. ”

– Yvonne Verno, Richmond ARC

“[I’ve worked with Uptown Color] as longs as I have been working in the marketing business. They are very helpful, cost-effective and most of all, friendly. Ray and Brian are definitely on my team. No matter the job, I always hear “Sure, will take care of it. I know that at 2pm if a client calls and needs something by end of day, Uptown will get it done for us.”

– Emily Greenwood, Fultz Marketing